My style of portraiture is about capturing the essence of people in a relaxed and informal manner. I prefer to work on location, using natural, ambient light rather than in a studio and we will work together to choose a location that is meaningful to you. This could be close to home exploring local fields and woods, down by the river or parkland. It could even be further afield at the coast, which is an extra special location, especially for children.

How long should you set aside?, well, that’s a hard question to quantify and is really dependent upon you and your circumstances. I like to get to know you a little bit before picking up the camera. This helps me get an insight into your individual personalities and can also help relax anyone who is a little shy or reticent. Also, photography should not be rushed or hurried in my opinion, so you should expect to allocate a few hours for the shoot.

Before the day, we will have talked about suitable locations and choices of clothing. Although generally you wear what you feel comfortable in, there are certain things to avoid and careful selection of clothing will help in the final look of the pictures. I would suggest that you have two or three changes of clothes in mind and if we are going to be out for a while, something warm and waterproof, just in case!

On the day, we’ll go through your clothing choices and agree what will work well in your chosen location. We’ll have plenty of time for a coffee break and /or regular breaks for little ones if needed and if you wish to bring snacks and favourite toys, these are a good idea.

For an initial chat about portraiture, or to check availability, please click here for contact details.