There is a recent trend to shoot images to disc only for clients to print out at their discretion. However, disc only is not something that I offer, partly because a lot of skill goes into the taking and editing of your images to produce the finished article and this can be undermined by poor quality printing and partly because I firmly believe that good photography is art and it needs to be displayed at its best and to me, this is achieved by having the images professionally finished.

My images are edited by me to high standard and presented to you in a separate viewing session, a week or so later. During the session, I will discuss the most suitable display options for you. It could be in a beautiful, bespoke album (they are not just for wedding photography), a piece of wall art framed to take pride of place in your home, or something more contemporary such as a canvas or acrylic. How the chosen images are displayed is vital in transforming those images into fine art and ultimately, my aim is to give you fine art for your home as well as timeless heirlooms for the next generation.

There is a school of thought that modern cameras do all the work and all the photographer does is press the shutter, but there is a lot of skill involved in creating beautiful images and the initial squeeze of the shutter is only one fraction of a second and the starting point in the overall process. Many years of experience and a significant investment in tuition and equipment, have brought me to a point where art is produced and in reality, it is the culmination of all of this that you pay for.

The shoot fee is £125, which includes travel within 50 miles of HG5 8AP and is payable at the time of booking. Beyond that, mileage is charged at 45p per mile. I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad and expenses for more distant locations are negotiable at the time of booking.