Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking around.

With one click of the shutter, began a passion that would last a lifetime. I didn’t know it then as a small boy, but that Kodak Instamatic had just taken a family heirloom! It was just a snap, of course, taken at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire on a family day out and I knew nothing of the rules of exposure or composition, but now, many years later, those early photos of mum, dad and my sister are amongst my most treasured possessions and will be passed on to the next generation.

Fast forward to 2009 and my own little boy was born. From the moment the midwife cleared his airway and I heard him take his first breath, I was hooked; the camera has rarely been away since. And that, in a nutshell, is what photography means to me. It is about passion, love and emotion and cameras are a wonderful tool that enable us to record timeless moments in life, such as the joy and innocence of children and the ‘wonder years’ of childhood; the love, emotion and the story of a wedding, a family day out at the beach or even the calm and stillness of the sun rising on an autumnal morning, all evoke a passion within us.

Good quality photography lasts a lifetime and beyond as it is passed down the generations. It transcends mere pictures and transforms them into fine art. It preserves our memories and enriches our experiences as we go through life as families, lovers and friends.

My formal photographic education was undertaken at Blackpool & The Fylde college, one of the leading colleges for photography in the country and since then, I have developed my craft to the point where I know what kind of photographer I am and want to be. To me, photography is art and although there is a popular, but misguided belief that the camera does all the work, the camera is only the vehicle that allows the artist to flourish and provides a window into the soul.

I am passionate about the quality of my work; near enough is not good enough as a former mentor used to say, so I use the finest quality products to display your images to the best effect. This includes hand-made albums and books where I control the design process through to bespoke frames, canvases and modern acrylics.

I want to give you something that is unique, special and this can only be achieved by taking time to get to know you a little, so I will always have time for a cup of coffee and a biscuit, an important part of the creative process! The art that I strive to produce for you is considered, not rushed and something that I will be as proud to produce for you, as you will be to display on your wall.