If you have read this far, you will have learned that I am passionate about displaying your art in the best, possible way and all the work that is put in at the shoot is leading to the most important part, displaying the images. I have a selection of sample frames, albums, acrylics and canvases to show you and you can view some of these here, but I am happy to advise on which options would work well in your home.


Albums are traditionally used in wedding photography because they elegantly tell the story of your big day in a logical fashion, but they also lend themselves very well to a lifestyle shoot, which becomes a wonderful keepsake of your day. I use Folio Albums, a Yorkshire based company run by photographers, for photographers. The quality of their albums is stunning and they have a beautiful, elegant selection of colours and cover options to suit all tastes.

Framed art

Contemporary or traditional? The choice is yours. Black & silver frames tend to work well in a modern house and with black & white images, but sometimes can over power the images. Natural wood is a more traditional finish & can be selected to match your décor. Either way, an image really comes alive once it has been mounted and framed professionally. I only use high quality frames for my work and you will be delighted with the results.


Originally, these were used to replicate the texture of oil paintings and they certainly offer something different. Unframed, they work well in a home with contemporary decoration, although if framed, they look great in a more traditional style of decoration.


Again, these tend to suit the more contemporary style of home. The image is sandwiched between sheets of acrylic for a modern, minimalist look. They don’t appeal to everyone or suit every home, but of course, I am happy to advise and show you some samples.